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About NubiCollections


NubiCollections by BothDol begins its journey in 2006-2011 as BothDol Fashion alone. It started off as a hobby and suddenly became a name brand after doing the very first runway event at Mall of America with Fox9 news in 2007. Soon afterward, it took over media covering Star-tribune, Mshale Newspaper, Newsweek paper, and many more. Thanks to a man whose name, Victor Abalo, who discover my talent (https://mshale.com/2007/10/02/in-true-african-fashion-nyamal-both-transcends/). As things began to get busy, NubiCollections was requested to showcase at many colleges and other Pan Africa events across the United States.

Then starting 2013, it was re-established as NubiCollections by BothDol to have a more defined meaning of what it actually representing. We want to create a fashion that would connect all Nubia of the East to the West and all over the world. With corresponding the contemporary fashion of the world today. NubiCollections represents the African Empire; To educate the world of our old kingdoms from Africa ancient roots; to construct the confidence of Africa riches in her entire greatness.

We can be found in all social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube under “NubiCollections.” Follow us to stay up to date on what's happening, new, trendy, and more stories through fashion. 



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Biography of EliNyamal

As designers, NubiCollections must create and present amazing designs for the fashion industry.

Coming to America at age 5-6 was a complete mystery to the founder, Nyamal BothDol. She never dreamed of it, but it happened anyway. Her thinking and the way she viewed the world changed immediately after seeing what the world is like outside of her own country of Ethiopia. She became more attracted to the fashion industry, Fashion magazine, music, runways, glamor, and beauty.

In high school, she would rework the clothes she already had to fit in with the style everyone was wearing. Kids in school ended up loving it, and she made the local media. That was the beginning of something big in the making.

How do big dreams begin? Growing up as a child,  Nyamal was one of those who always seemed to think beyond her imagination. She never thought she would ever become somebody who would make a difference to the world. Now Nyamal has come to learn two main things; that the sky is the limit, thrive as far as you can go.