Carefully Review our POLICY

> Deposit is half of the total payment and is non-returnable.

> final Payment return is 14days after the garments are sent back and received.

> You’re required 1st and 2nd fitting for wedding dresses and Suits and 1 fitting for regular dresses. For all garments final fitting is required on pickup so plan extra 15-30 minutes for minor alterations. Any dramatic changes request after the completion of the dress is $30 for regular garments and $60 for wedding gowns and suits per hour.

> Any alterations after 14days of dress completion is $30 hourly.

> Two day priority shipping is $10 and overnight shipping is $50.

>You must make a schedule and keep your communication effective for canceling/rescheduling. That’s how I keep my orders in timely matter.

For those who live out of state, here’s three options:

(1) we’ll need to schedule a date you would come in for the fitting and than I can ship it once it’s all complete. (2) you can do your fitting at a time you’re planning on at least 1-24 hour and than take it with you. (3) I can ship it once it’s all complete and plan on saving for alterations just in case.

Be ready for all fittings necessary and be ready to pay. Plan your days off if needed. KEEP IN MIND, I am here to do my job and to give my customers the best quality. Your personal life is none of my business and all payment must be complete before pickup or shipping. Also for shipped garments, prepare yourself for alterations either in your local shop or come to me.


Make your request be known

Please contact us with any concerns or questions. 

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