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“Uniting Africa and educating the World through Fashion”

NubiCollections by BothDol begins its journey in 2006-2011 as BothDol Fashion alone. It started off as a hobby and suddenly became a name brand after doing the very first runway event at Mall of America with Fox9 news in 2007. Soon afterwards, it took over media covering Star-tribune, Mashallah Newspaper, NewsWeek paper, and many more. Thanks to a man who name, Victor Abalo, who discover my talent . As things began to get busy, NubiCollections was requested to showcase at many colleges and other Pan Africa events across United States.

Than starting 2013, it was re-established as NubiCollections by BothDol to have a more define meaning of what it actually representing. We want to create a fashion that would connect all Nubia of the East to the West. Than corresponding with contemporary fashion of the world today. NubiCollections also represents the African Empire; To educate the world of our Lost kingdoms from our ancient roots; which isn’t entirely lost, but to build that confidence that we are great and Africa riches in her full greatness.

As of 2018 behind our local work, we are also established to create unique designs: Ancient, contemporary, & special occasions. We do modern Weddings and traditional weddings/Custom designing. We also do shipping nationwide and working to expand in other parts of the world.

We can be found in all social media such as Facebook and Instagram under “NubiCollections.” Follow us to stay up to date on what’s new, trendy, and more stories through fashion.

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